Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids During  Pregnancy-How to Remove Them

Pregnancy in the 26th week.

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Developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy is not uncommon condition. According to US National Health Institute 75% of pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy or after childbirth. Unfortunately this condition is accompanied with pain and discomfort. The most common type of hemorrhoids, observed during pregnancy, are internal hemorrhoids. You may recognize them by the pain during defecation, the constant itching and the sporadic bleeding.

You can find bellow a video about this subject. It reveals the main causes for hemorrhoids in pregnancy. Among them are noted constipation during pregnancy, the pressure exerted by the weight of womb, and hormonal changes.

The forecast for those women, who haven’t had hemorrhoids before pregnancy is optimistic, because in most cases hemorrhoids disappear after giving birth. However, those women who become pregnant with hemorrhoids may face worsening condition. Careful attention must be paid to bleeding hemorrhoids,because over time they may cause anaemia.

Additionally, on the picture bellow is shown prolapsed hemorrhoid after giving birth that require prompt medical attention. This photograph is provided courtesy of Amoils- well known company, which offers proven guaranteed safe natural hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


You can find bellow some useful tips for removing hemorrhoids during pregnancy that belong to natural hemorrhoid treatment  approach:

•Place baking soda (wet or dry) on the  affected area to reduce itching
•Take a warm bath a.k.a sitz bath with baking soda in the water
•Avoid sitting for long periods and exercise at least 30 min a day
•Use local anesthetic cream for fast relief and pain reduction
•Eat a high fiber diet to eliminate constipation
•Drink plenty of fluids in conjunction with high fiber intake to reduce constipation
•Drink prune juice
•Do not delay going to the bathroom to avoid constipation
•Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

 You can find  proven safe natural hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy that can eleiminate your hemorrhoids fast by clicking on the given link.

Video about how to deal with hemorrhoids durin pregnancy


Please do share your opinion or any tips that  you know about removing hemorrhoids in pregnancy.


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