Can Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Remove Your Hemorrhoids Fast & Forever

Natural hemorrhoid treatment can be applied successfully for fast and long-term healing of different stages of hemorrhoids disease-from  mild to severe. Such a therapy has proven to be as effective as semi surgical or surgical approach for removing piles and in some cases to be more effective than them.

Why is this natural hemorrhoid treatment approach so effective?

Natural Hemorrhoid Treament - Hemorrhoids As you know hemorrhoids are inflamed engorged swollen veins in your anus. When hemorrhoids got ruptured they start to bleed and proven bleeding hemorrhoids treatment must be applied as soon as possible.
The main factors that cause piles development are unknown.  However, the sedentary life style, the lack of exercises and heredity are among the main  major reasons that can trigger piles inflammation .

Every proven and guaranteed treatment must not only  attack the symptoms of the adverse condition, but also one should remove the root cause of the ailment. The removal of the root cause of disease must be the main aim of every proven cure .

Unfortunately, the surgical and semi surgical therapies  do not remove the main reason hemorrhoids appearing.  These therapies  eradicate only the consequences –piles.The surgery removes only piles formations which are the final result of the illness but not its cause.Any hemorrhoid wiped out by these surgical therapies is the effect. It is not the cause of the illness. It is known that human body is a self healing system. The removal almost damages these self healing capabilities or removes them completely.
On top of that, since the main reason cause is not removed, over time your  hemorrhoids get inflamed again and again.
A successful alternative treatment for hemorrhoids consists of :
*employing  local  application of gel and suppositories
*using herbal supplements
*following healthy toilet habits and maintaining good anal hygiene
*exercise regularly for improving blood circulation in case of a sedentary life style.
*taking natural supplements for improving digestive system and reducing constipation
The main purpose of local application is to bring fast relief and moderate shrinking of swollen hemorrhoids.
Due to local action of topical application one cannot eliminate your piles completely.
What is more, prolonged usage of local application may lead to a new inflammation.Consequently, local application brings only fast temporary relief and lower the sufferer’s stress and tension caused by the pain and inflammation.Please bare in mind that a new crisis may be caused by prolonged usage of local application. Consequently , the main benefits are limited to the fast relief and reduced stress caused by hemorrhoids  crisis.
On the other hand, herbal supplements fortify venous walls, improve venous tone and decrease capillary permeability.By doing so, herbal supplements ensure long term health benefit. As a result, a long term healing effect preventing another crisis is being reached.Moreover, this natural hemorrhoid treatment can eliminate gradually but surely the root cause hemorrhoids disease.
Anal region is kept clean by following elementary healthy toilet habits. These healthy habits facilitate improving hemorrhoid condition and help avoiding another crisis.
The sluggish venous circulation could be improved by doing simple exercises every day.
Taking simple supplements as probiotics can make better your overall digestive health and combat constipation, and reducing strain on hemorrhoids during defecation.
As you can see, the natural hemorrhoids treatment for  bleeding piles or chronic hemorrhoids, if used correctly, can bring you a fast relief paralleled with the complete elimination of your piles. It is a viable option that every sufferer must consider and which is effective even in case of chronic hemorrhoids.

The common misspelling of natural hemorrhoid treatment includes natural hemorrhoids treatment and natural hemroids treatment.


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Caffeine and Hemorrhoids Treatment at Home Compatibility

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de...

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de kafo. Fran?ais : Photo d'une tasse de caff? Espa?ol: Taza de caf? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have recently posted on our website article about caffeine and hemorrhoids.

Today we are drinking  too much drinks rich in caffeine. Unfortunately, it has been scientifically proven caffeine and hemorrhoids are two things that cannot co-exist  together. If you’d like to learn more about :

– the connection between caffeine and hemorrhoids flare up
– essential tips that can help you mitigate the negative impact of the excessive consumption of caffeine.
– important set of tips that  will help you drastically reduce the caffeine intake.
Please do read our article devoted to hemorrhoids and caffeine

You can share here your knowledge about this subject as well.

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Cryotherapy for Hemorrhoids Treatment at Home

During this recession time every hemorrhoids sufferer is looking not only for proven effective hemorrhoids treatment but also  for cost efficient  hemorrhoid treatment

Today’s post is devoted to the most cost effective proven hemorrhoids home treatment that can bring you  a fast relief while saving you big money on worthless hemorrhoids treatments. This  budget-saving treatment is  the cryotherapy for hemorrhoids also known as cold therapy.

It has been scientifically proven that the cold therapy:

–  decreases hemorrhoidal  inflammation,

– removes hemorrhoids  pain and spasm,

– promotes shrinking of engorged hemorrhoidal tissue

-safe treatment during and after pregnancy

If you’d like to learn more about cryotherapy for hemorrhoids please read our comprehensive article  treating this subject. The article is posted on our main site.

What is more, this article reveals two FDA approved cryotherapy devices that you can use to treat successfuly your hemorrhoids at home. These devices are easily found on the market.

Another big advantage of the above mentioned devices is that you need only one cryotherapy device to heal your external or internal hemorrhoids.You don’t have to spend more money on various hemorrhoids creams, gels or suppositories.

You may stop taking any herbal pills for hemorrhoids as well.

So, I encourage to go and read this very interesting and useful information now.

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Alcohol and Hemorrhoids – Does Alcohol Affect Hemorrhoids

A Kranz (wreath) of K?lsch beer.
Image via Wikipedia

Does Alcohol Affect Hemorrhoids?  Are alcohol and hemorrhoids compatible?  These are the most frequently asked questions by hemorrhoids surfers. Alcohol by itself can not cause hemorrhoids, since there is only indirect connection between one and developing hemorrhoids, however alcohol can make your hemorrhoids worse.

As you know your piles are actually engorged congested veins in your anus. Their congestion is caused by disproportion between incoming and outgoing blood flow in corresponding affected hemorrhoidal vein due to sluggish blood circulation. This disproportion leads to engorgement of corresponding vein as well.

Although moderate drinking of quality alcohol may have beneficial effect on your health by promoting dissolution of engorged blood clots including hemorrhoids, thus protecting your body against heart attack and stroke. On the other hand the excessive consumption of one may lead to the increase of this engorgement. What is more, the corresponding hemorrhoidal blood clot may burst and your hemorrhoids may start bleeding. In addition, heavy drinking increases the risk for high blood pressure and risk for hemorrhagic stroke. Since the amount of alcohol that corresponds to moderate drinking vary from person to person and even small quantities of one may cause the same harmful effect on given person that resembles the negative effect of heavy drinking on another person. Therefore, the best way is to avoid consumption of alcohol completely.

Another mechanism by which alcohol affects your hemorrhoids is its dehydration action.  As you know dehydration leads to constipation. It is proven that constipation is a leading cause for hemorrhoids development.

Another negative action of alcohol on your body worth noting is that it has negative impact on your liver’s health. It is proven that there is a direct and indirect connection between the health condition of your liver and hemorrhoids. The health problems of your liver may lead to  complication of your hemorrhoids condition, namely cirrhosis of liver may lie beneath every aggravation hemorrhoids.

Please have in mind that low alcoholic drinks such as beer and liquors exhibit above mentioned negative features of the alcohol. Therefore, the also should be avoided and should not be used as a possible  replacement for strong alcoholic drinks.

Just replace them with 8 glasses of water daily and you will be fine. 

In conclusion: Consumption of alcohol puts at risk not only your hemorrhoids but your overall health. Alcohol and hemorrhoids are incompatible. Even small quantities of alcohol may trigger another flare up. What is more, they may cause hemorrhoids rapture and bleeding. If you suffer from hemorrhoids it is advisable to avoid alcoholic drinks including light alcoholic drinks such as beer and liquor.

 Another substance that is incompatible with your hemorrhoids ailment is caffeine. You can learn more about hemorrhoids and caffeine   and how to easily exclude caffeine from your diet by visiting our post devote to it.

 You may discover  more about all natural hemorrhoid treatment by visiting our site as well.

Please share your comments below.

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Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment – Is This A Proven and Cost Effective Piles Cure During Recession?

There are plenty of natural hemorrhoid treatments at the market. But finding a really working and cost effective natural hemorrhoid treatment is a challenging task.

This blog  post will show you the best existing options for such treatment and how to differentiate a good one from bad one.

Let’s firstly discuss all available solutions for given  succeful piles treatment.

The first option recommended to you by medical experts is the surgery. Obviously, the surgery can not be classified as a natural hemorrhoids treatment.

The main drawbacks of hemorrhoids surgery are:

-almost unbearable post operative pain
-possibility for developing fecal incontinence
– not eliminating the root cause for hemorrhoids swelling  and growth
-possibility for hemorrhoids recurrence
-last but not least: financial expenses and incurred losses due to hospitalization.

Therefore, the best approach is the surgical method for removing  your piles to be considered if all other natural therapies of your hemorrhoids have failed.

The second options are semi – operative methods. Often times they are cheaper than surgery. What is more,they are almost painless as compared to surgical treatment and your hospitalization is not necessary.
However, the main disadvantage is the very same as one mentioned during the analysis of surgical approach- this intervention does not remove root cause for piles build up.

The third option is natural hemorrhoid treatment. Main advantages of this treatment are:

-It attacks and remove root cause for piles swelling and growth
-natural hemorrhoid treatment can be applied at home
– the side effects of this treatment are little or none
-a natural cure is cheaper than a surgery.

The main disadvantage of natural hemorrhoid treatment is that it takes some time to eliminate your hemorrhoids completely. It requires more discipline from you when applying this therapy.

Another important fact that you must realize is  that the plethora of existing herbal hemorrhoids gels, creams and suppositories can not remove your hemorrhoids for good.

The same notion is valid to  gels, suppositories and ointments prescribed and used  by mainstream medicine. They only bring a temporary relief, because their healing effect is limited by the location of their application and by the surface of the affected hemorrhoidal cells.
To remove your hemorrhoids you need to use a deep healing natural method that not only attacks the root cause of the ailment but also eliminate the main reason for its recurrence.

In summary, selecting the best natural hemorrhoid treatment in terms of a guaranteed long-term result, cost effectiveness and putting less strain on your budget require a good knowledge about hemorrhoids treatments and an extensive research of all available options.
You can find a comparative review of the best natural hemorrhoid treatments by visiting our page devoted to them. Act Now!

Please share your comments bellow.

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Four Important Rules in Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment that Remove Hemorrhoids Fast

natural hemorrhoid treatmentIn this blog post, I’m starting a very important topic that connects all vital dots of  every succesful natural hemorrhoid treatment. This post provides information that can help you remove your hemorrhoids fast and forever in all natural way. In order to cope with chronic  hemorrhoids flares up or to eliminate forever them you need to follow some simple rules given bellow:

–  following  a healthy diet

-following important bathroom  habits

– doing simple exercises

-coping with stress and anxiety.

The essence of these rules is explained bellow.

The healthy hemorrhoids diet plays a major role either in the prevention of hemorrhoids development  and in every natural hemorrhoid treatment. This diet should not only ensure healthy digestion but also should  provide your body with all nutrients  necessary for  fortifying  your affected hemorrhoids vein’s walls and improving your sluggish blood circulation. What’s more you might be forced to exclude some foods from your diet because of possible allergy reaction toward them, which in turn may trigger new hemorrhoidal crisis in the future.

Bad bathroom habits such straining during defecation, reading a newspaper during bowel movement or using toilet paper instead of plain warm water may support unwanted hemorrhoids development.

Doing sedentary work or living inactive way of life takes its toll on your hemorrhoidal health. As you know one of the main reasons for hemorrhoids flare ups is the sluggish blood circulation and blood congestion in your ano rectal region. The  active way of life not only improves your sluggish circulations but it is a great way for reducing  your chronic constipation and improving your health as a whole.

Stress and anxiety is another factor that assists hemorrhoids development. Unfortunately, in this difficult economy  coping with stress becomes a huge challenge. The constant layoffs and budget cuts  put tension on human nervous system and cause fear and increase of  the levels of stress hormones. It is scientifically validated that  released in the human body high level of stress hormone  leads to constriction of anal muscles. This in turn causes blood congestions in your butt and next hemorrhoids crisis.  Another negative impact of stress on your health is that it decreases the capability of your immune system to defense your body from any disease.  Therefore, your ability to manage stress not only at  your workplace but also in your personal life can also make the difference between the success or  failure of given hemorrhoid treatment.

In conclusion, a successful natural hemorrhoid treatment is possible only  by obeying above mentioned  four important rules.

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Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment -7 Tips to Stop Hemorrhoids Bleeding at Home Fast


 bleeding hemorrhoids treatment This blog post is devoted to bleeding hemorrhoids treatment at home and reveals seven proven tips, that you can easily apply at home, to stop hemorrhoids bleeding fast .

 Bleeding hemorrhoids are engorged and inflamed veins in your anus. When the pressure on internal hemorrhoids or external piles become too high the corresponding hemorrhoids burst and start bleeding.

Initially you may see bright red blood in the waste material after you have a normal bowel movement or bright red colored lines of blood on toilet paper. Over time hemorrhoids may start  to bleed on other occasions when you don’t have a bowel movement and they may become very painful as well.

Please have in mind that rectal bleeding might be a sign for more serious problem or other disease such as colon or anal cancer. Therefore you should be properly examined and diagnosed by a  professional medic  before undergoing any other natural or medical bleeding hemorrhoids treatment in order to be excluded above mentioned differential cases.  

Bellow are listed some bleeding hemorrhoids treatments that work and which you can apply at home. Every given bleeding hemorrhoid treatment here belongs to the natural hemorrhoid treatment approach.

  1. The bleeding from external hemorrhoids can easily be stopped by applying cold compress on engorged and bleeding hemorrhoids. Just grab an ice pack and fill it with some ice. Then apply it on inflamed area.
  2. Take warm sitz baths regularly to stop bleeding from internal hemorrhoids. Sitz baths reduce swelling and inflammation of congested internal hemorrhoids. You can learn on Wikipedia  how to prepare and take sitz bath
  3. Avoid straining and don’t hold your breath during bowel movement and always exhale when getting rid of the waste.
  4. Use over the counter non steroidal natural bleeding hemorrhoids treatments such essential oils for hemorrhoids or other herbal creams or suppositories.
  5. Apply  organic apple cider vinegar on external hemorrhoids by soaking a cotton ball in it to shrink the engorged tissue. Take apple cider vinegar internally to improve your digestion and decrease constipation. Mix  two or three teaspoons of the vinegar with eight ounces of water and drink this mixture three times a day. What is more, this mixture will help you to lose weight as well.
  6. Take lemon and milk to fortify venous walls and stop hemorrhoids bleeding by squeezing  the juice of half a lemon in hot milk and drink it immediately. repeat this procedure every three hours.
  7. Use pomegranate to stop bleeding of internal and external hemorrhoids. Put thebleeding hemorrhoids treatment pomegranate’s peelings in a pot of water and boil  the mixture. After that strain the mixture and drink from this infusion every morning and evening.

I hope that these tips will help. But if you don’t see any improvement of your condition you must visit a doctor.

 Please share your comments about these tips for successful bleeding hemorrhoids treatment at home.

 Common misspeling of bleeding hemorrhoids treatment includes bleeding hemroid treatment.
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Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids During  Pregnancy-How to Remove Them

Pregnancy in the 26th week.

Image via Wikipedia

Developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy is not uncommon condition. According to US National Health Institute 75% of pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy or after childbirth. Unfortunately this condition is accompanied with pain and discomfort. The most common type of hemorrhoids, observed during pregnancy, are internal hemorrhoids. You may recognize them by the pain during defecation, the constant itching and the sporadic bleeding.

You can find bellow a video about this subject. It reveals the main causes for hemorrhoids in pregnancy. Among them are noted constipation during pregnancy, the pressure exerted by the weight of womb, and hormonal changes.

The forecast for those women, who haven’t had hemorrhoids before pregnancy is optimistic, because in most cases hemorrhoids disappear after giving birth. However, those women who become pregnant with hemorrhoids may face worsening condition. Careful attention must be paid to bleeding hemorrhoids,because over time they may cause anaemia.

Additionally, on the picture bellow is shown prolapsed hemorrhoid after giving birth that require prompt medical attention. This photograph is provided courtesy of Amoils- well known company, which offers proven guaranteed safe natural hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


You can find bellow some useful tips for removing hemorrhoids during pregnancy that belong to natural hemorrhoid treatment  approach:

•Place baking soda (wet or dry) on the  affected area to reduce itching
•Take a warm bath a.k.a sitz bath with baking soda in the water
•Avoid sitting for long periods and exercise at least 30 min a day
•Use local anesthetic cream for fast relief and pain reduction
•Eat a high fiber diet to eliminate constipation
•Drink plenty of fluids in conjunction with high fiber intake to reduce constipation
•Drink prune juice
•Do not delay going to the bathroom to avoid constipation
•Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

 You can find  proven safe natural hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy that can eleiminate your hemorrhoids fast by clicking on the given link.

Video about how to deal with hemorrhoids durin pregnancy


Please do share your opinion or any tips that  you know about removing hemorrhoids in pregnancy.


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